is-brain-greenThe Headache Cooperative of New England is a non-profit organization composed of medical, dental, and allied health professionals who are interested in the science and practice of headache medicine. HCNE was established in 1986 as the New England local affiliate of the American Association for the Study or Headache (AASH), now the American Headache Society (AHS). HCNE became independent of the AAHS several years later and became a non-profit organization in 2002. HCNE has a Board of Directors composed of leading headache specialists in the greater New England region.

bookcoverIn 2008, HCNE published the HCNE Comprehensive Review of Headache Medicine book, (shown at right) which can be ordered from the Publications page. HCNE also publishes a semiannual newsletter featuring articles and case discussions. The most recent newsletters are also available in Publications.

Our primary activities consist of producing seminars, courses and publications devoted to Headache Medicine, including a yearly Headache Medicine Board Certification Review. The Winter HCNE Stowe Headache Symposium and the Fall Boston HCNE Headache Conference have become mainstays of the field in our region, and attract a national attendance, in large part because of the national and international stature of faculty at these meetings (See Conferences).

ihc conference
HCNE will host a meeting in Boston at Tufts on November 14. See Conferences. The International Headache Society will host its 17th Congress in Valencia, Spain in May 2015. For details see http://www.ihc2015.com/.


bottom-index-contentInformation for Patients and Professionals can be found in these pages as well as in our Links section.We have a strict policy governing our relationship with corporate sponsors (see Pharmaceutical Industry Policy).

Information about joining HCNE is available in the Membership section. Bylaws of the HCNE can be sent electronically to anyone expressing an interest. HCNE membership meetings are held yearly.

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  • To advance the science of headache through education and coordinated research

  • To provide a forum to link providers of headache care throughout the northeast

  • To support access to appropriate care for our patients

  • To increase awareness about national and international organizations and journals devoted to headache research and patient care


  • Randall E. Weeks, PhD
    HCNE President

    The New England Center for Headache
    Stamford, Connecticut

  • Alan M. Rapoport, MD
    HCNE Founding President

    Department of Neurology
    The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Elizabeth W. Loder, MD
    HCNE Vice President and Educational Director

    Chief, Division of Headache and Pain
    Department of Neurology
    Brigham & Women's /Faulkner Hospitals, Boston, MA

  • Lawrence C. Newman, MD
    HCNE Membership Director

    Director, The Headache Institute
    Vice-Chair, Neurology
    Roosevelt Hospital Center
    New York, NY

  • Thomas N. Ward, MD
    HCNE Treasurer

    Co-Director, Headache Clinic
    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
    Lebanon, New Hampshire

  • Barbara Nye, MD
    HCNE Website Editor

    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
    Lebanon, New Hampshire

  • Brian E. McGeeney, MD, MPH
    HCNE Secretary and Newsletter Editor

    Pain Management Group, Dept. of Neurology
    Boston University School of Medicine
    Boston, Massachusetts

HCNE Directors at Large:

  • Steven M. Baskin, PhD
    The New England Center for Headache
    Stamford, Connecticut

  • Herbert G. Markley, MD
    Director, New England Regional Headache Center
    Worcester, Massachusetts

  • Steven J. Scrivani, DDS, D. Med. Sc.
    Oral and Maxillofacial Pain Center
    Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Boston, Massachusetts

  • Robert E. Shapiro, MD, PhD
    Department of Neurology
    College of Medicine, University of Vermont
    Burlington, Vermont

In Memoriam: Fred D. Sheftell, MD, 1941-2011

sheftellOur friend, highly esteemed colleague, founding HCNE member and recipient of the HCNE Lifetime Achievement award, Fred Sheftell, MD, FAHS, lost his valiant battle with cancer in 2011.

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